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• 1978, Company established, developed hydraulic control EDM
• 1983, Launched D-model EDM adopting DC servo-control
• 1984, Launched development of CNC controlled machines
• 1985, First generation of CNC machines was introduced
• 1986, Launched into R&D of wire cutting EDM
• 1987, E-model machine integrated with three axes digital readout
• 1989, Second generation of CNC EDM was introduced
• 1989, First demonstration of CNC wire cutting EDM
• 1991, Third generation of CR-model introduced with ATC and fourth axis function
• 1992, Second generation of CNC wire cutting EDM was introduced
• 1992, F-model of ZNC EDM was introduced
• 1993, CNC wire cutting EDM in full production
• 1993, F model with graphite application tech introduced & brought in full production
• 1995, Launch new generation of CNC EDM CA-model with XYZ simultaneous control
• 1996, Adoption of graphite application technology in CNC EDM CA-model
• 1996, Launch the third generation of CNC WEDM with full-enclosure design
• 1997, CNC-M60CA introduced, new compact construction, available with Automation
• 1999, Launch of Anti-Electrolysis power supply for wine EDM
• 2000, Launch of ZNC EDM NE-serie
• 2005, Base on our popular produce F model, launch the new ZNC EDM of NF-serie
• 2009, Reorganized and renamed as ALT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. with the same trademark ARD.
• 2009, Factory was relocated near the latest world-class port of Taiwan,Taipei Harbor.
• 2013, Introduce new design Motion card into CNE CA series, effciency is increased to 100%

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